Friday, September 18, 2015

Pattern Overload

This outfit stopped me at my tracks. I just couldn't take my eyes off of it. It took me some time to understand that I wasn't seeing an avalanche of patterns but mostly the same one. There is nothing wrong with leopard print per se, as long as it comes with neutral base colors. I do like the long sleeve top, but I would leave out the frilly turtleneck. The frills make the pattern disappear, and add heavy texture to the shirt. Why add texture to such a busy print? And then comes a cavalcade of base colors along with a stylized version of the same pattern repeated on the belt and on the pants as well. All of which matched with the denim makes the head spin. In my humble opinion, that's a well-planned visual attack.

Why add accessories? The pattern on the long sleeve shirt, the most pleasing one if left alone, practically swallows up the black pearl necklace and gets the eyes tired before they can catch the details on the denim.

Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Make a Fish Mad

Have you've ever tried to make a fish mad? How about five or the full population of a fish tank? I never thought I could, but somehow I did while waiting in a dental office last Friday. I don't really know what happened. It might have to do something with me touching the glass at eye-level. 
I locked eyes with the big velvety black fish, the biggest and most spectacular one in the tank. It looked harmless enough, but at one point it went mad. When it started to swim in circles shaking its fins feverishly, the rest of the fish -- much smaller and way too modest in appearance -- got nervous, too. They shot out of the corner of the tank and switched into synchronized swimming mode in a random zig-zag pattern. 

I wore a black top that day. Did the the velvety black fish see me as a potential threat?

Too bad I was looking at the fish to calm my nerves. What a relief it was when finally they called my name and I walked into the exam room. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Floppy Summer Straw Hat

Yesterday was market day. I woke up early heading for the market in my new straw hat. New it was, yet weather beaten thanks to a storm that happened a week ago. It lost its shape as the rim got limp hanging too low. Funny how it looks now.

The best time to go to the market is Saturday. Early morning hours are quite. The earlier it is, the greater the selection of fresh produce and the less people are around meaning no long lines. If you manage to get there really early on a regular basis, the vendors will recognize you.

As I was leaving the market I passed a man who, upon seeing me, spontaneously burst into a little song about a hat. I looked at him laughing. He laughed as well as he finished his song. It was such a happy little song that I kept humming it and when I got home I decided to keep the good-for-nothing hat.

Note to self: the adjective good-for-nothing describes a person.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wrap Top

C. is wearing a black wrap top, a beige tee and dark green jeans. I've had trouble with how to spell blue jeans before. It confused me that, while the majority would spell it as two words some folks would spell it as one word. I made a compromise and came up with the ingenious idea that it must be hyphenated -- the worst variation ever. And then came enlightenment thanks to the outfit presented by C. If bluejeans is one word, how would I spell green jeans?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Misty White Dress

I've been doing a big cleanup and sorting of clothes. It's like a spring cleaning. It's refreshing. I know it's June, but it could be spring just as well for a procrastinator. And do I love spring!
The white dress is a thrift store find. The edge of the skirt is a bit frayed, but still looks OK. What concerns me more is the forest in the background. It was damaged by a hail storm last winter.