Monday, May 11, 2015

Aiming for the Stars

A long time ago, I had this dream to go to the Moon and walk around there (more like float a short distance) and take a good look at the Earth and like real astronauts do -- marvel at its beauty. But now I know that for me the whole idea of going to the Moon just to look around makes no sense. Even if I could wear a bulky spacesuit and survived in it, I couldn't justify my presence up there as a mere Earth watcher.

Did I have tonnes of money and a real chance to burn it on a space trip, I still would want to stay down here. How about if I just look upon the sky at night to marvel at the Moon and see the stars shine? And in the meantime, I can walk around in my pajamas and take a deep breath with no need to wear protective gear. And I can do that again and again as many times as I want to. How lucky is that?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Dancer

The dancer first presented the outfit and then did some dance moves. As his hand reached the ground and his legs flew up high, the podium started to tilt. At the same time, all but one of the audience members started to lean to one side. Unfazed, a guy in a black leather jacket crossed his arms over his chest and braced himself to keep his balance. 
Seriously, I just wanted to have the background be blurred and the dancer frozen in motion. Instead of trying to get a proper exposure, I was wondering how comfortable it is to dance in jeans and a bottom-up shirt. How much freedom of movement does such an outfit give a dancer? All the freedom they want if shirt and jeans are a loose fit.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Copenhagen Fashion Festival

Copenhagen -- Part Eleven

If you asked me how a self-activating lightsaber made it into the picture (seen in the previous entry), I had no answer for that. I definitely can't remember a jedi standing right behind me while taking the shot.

Having just learned about Copenhagen Fashion Week on the spot last summer, I tried my best as I pleaded with a host for letting me in to see a grand show with no ticket or invitation. As an alternative to The Show, I was kindly informed to see an exhibition of dummies, of all things, adorned with the design work of some new talents. 

I decided against it and headed for the streets to check out the festivities. I saw long lines for free hair and makeup which I skipped and went to see the guy at the TONI&GUY tent working on a model. I took some candid warm-up shots while simultaneously asked him for permission to take some real ones. He grinned and nodded and I took it as a "yes". So I proceeded with the real shots. As I took the shots, he kept grinning all the way through. Well, warm-up or not, none of the shots turned out good.

Note: The truth is that generally all of my shots ARE warm-up shots regardless of the situation. And I think that the guy from TONI&GUY knew that. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wall of Shoes

Copenhagen -- Part Ten

This is just a side note for an earlier post about the Wall of Shoes. It took Jacob 8 hours to build the shoe wall. There were around 300 shoes on the wall, and he collected 75 pairs for the homeless in Copenhagen.

What a great project!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jeans Statue

Copenhagen -- Part Nine

Jeans on a facade of building worn by an invisible model. The popularity of denims raises the question: If they went out of fashion tomorrow, what would a great chunk of the population wear? Click When and How Jeans Became Popular, a fun article on the history of these beloved pants. My oldest pair is close to ten years old. In jeans years, that is past retirement age. Needless to say, I do not wear them anymore. 

That pair on the wall was made water-resistant and placed on a piece of plywood as a base that is secured to the wall by screws. See that little dark speck up on the right-hand side at crotch level for one of the screws.  

Note to self: Jeans are plural. Always. Even when it's a pair. Jeez.